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Life lessons learnt from teachers

One of my old singing teachers has her birthday very close to mine. Through the several decades that we’ve known each other, we have sometimes had joint celebrations or gone out for a birthday meal together. At such an event one year,  I remember saying to Sylvia that...

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Focused use of energy

Having spent the last four days coaching a mixture of trained and untrained singers to perform the prologue of a new opera that I’m composing (with a creative team), I feel I know enough about the pros and cons of using energy wisely. Some folks are focused in their...

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Striving for perfection

I received a message through a psychic recently, that nobody can be perfect. That I just have to accept who I am and what I have. To stop being so hard on myself. I accepted the message gratefully, as I would like to cut myself some slack, but that doesn’t mean I...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music