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A moment of appreciation

Appreciation is a tricky subject for me to express much about. Perhaps this is because there is something personal about gestures of that sort that comes across as vain from the point of view of the recipient and possibly as a breach of privacy, when tales are...

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New symbols of being Black

One of the most interesting features of the times we currently live is the constantly negotiated space and shifting goalposts within what used to be described as “The Black Experience”. Internet, social media platforms and mobile phones have irrevocably changed the...

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Overpopulation of nations

All lives matter. This is the response that is often heard in some quarters to the grievances expressed by the Black Lives Matter movement. There are things to be said in support of the views of folks on both sides of the debate. In actual fact, nations such as the...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music