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How do you sleep?

For several years, I would listen to chakra meditation recordings at bedtime. It was suggested by those who produced the recordings that it would be most beneficial to play them all the way through the night. I have no scientific evidence that this practice made a...

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Being productive

Thanks to the motivational speaker and trainer who suggests that it is best to become a member of the 5 am Club, I found myself dealing with the consequences of pushing one’s body too hard, last autumn. The idea is that if anyone cultivates the habit of waking up...

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Sharing our clothes and customs

I’m not sure about the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe, but I recall attending a society function where I met a man dressed in Nigerian formal menswear – a full outfit with agbada, made from white Guinea Brocade. It is unusual to see men dressed like that in...

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A Beautiful Thing

by Juwon Ogungbe | Life Force Music